What is Talent Management & Assessment Center

Talent Management is a strategy that organizations use to attract, develop, and retain top talent. An Assessment Center is a method that many organizations use to identify management potential and determine a candidate’s suitability for higher functional positions. It is often used in the manager development process as a tool to evaluate candidates’ personality traits and abilities. The process is done under standardized conditions and puts candidates through a combination of group and individual exercises which simulate the conditions of a given job. The assessors judge the candidate’s behavior which can then serve as the basis for valuable predictions of a candidate’s potential

What are some common exercises in an Assessment Center?

Some common exercises in an Assessment Center include Competency-Based InterviewsGroup ExercisesCase Study AnalysisPresentation Exercises, and Role Play Exercises. In assessment centers, group exercises take many forms. One common type of group exercise refers to role-playing, as candidates act out a scenario with other candidates playing different roles. Another common type of group exercise is a competence game. The specific activities included in an assessment center are dictated by the nature of the role to be filled, plus the knowledge, traits, and skills expected of the successful candidate

Talent Management & Assessment Center

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