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While the common challenge of managing compensation and benefits is to balance the costs and competitiveness of the rewards systems, it is more challenging in our Libyan market, due to the unprecedented evolution of pay scales attributed to two main factors i.e: general demand arriving from inflation indicators and the revaluation of the Libyan dinar


We believe in forming sound and sustainable platforms on which our clients would continue to grow in an aligned and process-driven manner. Our core business is assisting our clients with their organizational design by implementing structures and systems that align with their core business and strategies. While the fundamentals of design are applied, our approaches vary from client to client. We implemented projects related to business growth, needs to downsize, change in leadership, strategy, and mainly managing changes in an organization's environment and culture.


When understanding and analyzing our clients development needs, we provide training plans based on a competency framework leading to career progression and succession planning.

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